Why Facebook Will Never Die

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the era of Facebook is over. The media is certainly not in its favour, with many companies reporting that there has been a serious decline in its growth. Why did so many of us believe that we were going to see such a huge decline? Following the Cambridge Analytica Debacle, most of us predicted that Facebook’s most serious crisis would decrease usage finitely. But it looks like the scandal didn’t even leave a scratch on the company, Facebook’s quarterly results showed that there was actually an increase in the number of users by 10 percent to a whopping 2.3 billion.


In the wake of other controversies like #deletefacebook, it seemed like the social media giant could be history, with engagement also expected to plummet But the statistics say otherwise - so don’t be quick to write it off! The quarterly report shows that engagement has remained constant at 66 percent over the last 2 years. In a remarkable display of resilience, it seems that growth could maintain at above average rates despite the app’s massive scale. Facebook shouldn’t be forgiven for all its issues just yet - but overall, the future doesn’t look as bleak as we immediately thought.


Overall, this is great news for marketers - despite all the other social media platforms available, Facebook is an important platform for businesses to connect and market their products and services to their client bases. Facebook serves its purpose by boosting brand awareness and is an incredible tool for engagement - one which is unmatched by other social media apps available.


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