Our monthly social health check, what's new?

Here at Collaborative Marketing, we like to do monthly health check-ups on all the social media platforms that we think might be relevant to our business and our clients. We also like to see if there are any newbies on the digital block and how they're faring to the big guns like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Here's what we've got. 

Facebook's recent data shows that there are 15 million monthly active Australians. And, 50% of the Australian population are logging into Facebook on a daily basis. Incredible, right? In fact, social media users in Australia are some of the most prolific in the world. The 25-39-year-old age bracket is the biggest consumers with approximately 6 million Facebook subscribers.

Globally, Facebook now has 2.01 billion monthly active users, growing by 500 million in the last 2 years. Essentially, if you're a business, you'd WANT to be on Facebook. 

Despite YouTube facing an ad boycott in 2017, they still managed to record some impressive statistics. In December 2017, YouTube recorded 15,000,000 UAV's (Unique Australian Visitors). YouTube also boasts a total of 1 billion-plus users, with almost 5 billion videos watched every single day. 

It's the same story for Instagram, recording 9 million monthly active Australian users in December 2017. Globally, there are more than 500 million Instagrammers - with more than 300 million of whom use Instagram every single day. Surprisingly, 80% of users are living outside of the United States. 

Now for the newbies. 

WhatsApp recorded 5 million monthly active Australian users. That's more than Twitter who only recorded 3 million monthly active Australian users. Facebook bought out WhatsApp in 2014 for a whopping $21 billion and the messenger service has only continued to grow. It may have simply been a move for Zuckerberg to eliminate competition, but it'll be interesting to see if anything does finally eventuate in terms of advertising space.  

Snapchat was definitely the cool kid on the block for a good period of time, but after the introduction of Instagram stories, it seems to have taken a step backward. They still recorded an impressive 4 million DAILY active Australian users, but unless they make some progressive changes we can't foresee a resurgence. 

Lastly, LinkedIn. LinkedIn was bought out by Microsoft a few years ago. Rumoured to be taking on Sales Force with dynamics, CEO Satya Nadella also noted that LinkedIn user sessions were up 20% for the third quarter in a row. 

For most people LinkedIn has always been something that sat in the background, you only really engaged with it when you were looking for a job, updating your resume or received a promotion. But, we expect big changes. The future of social is video, and LinkedIn won't be left behind. Much like Facebook, expect a real-time video to be introduced, as well, streaming videos. You can also expect an integration of Skype (also owned by Microsoft) into the contact section of your profile - allowing you to connect to your network via video.

We think that 2018 is going to be the year of LinkedIn. They recorded approximately 4.2 million monthly active Australian users, and we think this will only continue to grow. It will be one to watch closely, and maybe even to invest marketing dollars into. 

Definitely some food for thought, but it's obvious Facebook takes the cake, and we can't see that changing anytime soon. If you're a business, and you don't have a kick-butt Facebook ad strategy in play, you're simply missing out. As for LinkedIn, we suggest you update your company page now and even set aside a budget. As always, if you'd like some pointers, then drop us a line, we're always here to help.


source: https://www.socialmedianews.com.au/social-media-statistics-australia-january-2018/