Social Media Marketing: Why it matters!

The influence of social media continues to grow with the population of social media natives filling up their spare time with likes, comments and shares. Social media provides a unique opportunity for businesses to build relationships based on direct communication with consumers – impacting their purchase journey. Boosting (paying for higher visibility) your content and advertising via Facebook and Instagram extends your message beyond your following into the digital stratisphear and beyond!

Is it time to consider whether social media marketing is the answer to unlocking your business strategy? Chances are it is!

Social media marketing relies on producing relevant content for your customers. It provides a unique opportunity to engage with your audience and their consumer journey. With the right consumer insights social media marketing will look to segment content and generate further interest in your business. With 72% of adult internet users on Facebook and 59% of Instagram users on the platform daily brands can utilise social media marketing to deliver the right content to the right consumers at exactly the right time.

Personalised interactions evoke customer satisfaction and establish a positive brand image. With 32% of our online time spent on social media sites it is important for brands to reinforce regular customer engagement using personalised interactions. The millennial generation are the most influential segment of customers in the current market.  In 2017 these social media natives require regular social media communication with businesses to establish loyal brand relationships.

Implementing improved Search Engine (SEO) will not only increase inbound traffic to your social media pages but also improve search engine rankings significantly. The first position on Google search results on desktop have a 34.36% click through rate and a 31.35% click through rate on mobile. Increased visibility leads to more opportunities for conversion in your business. Positioning your brand on an interactive platform will only improve the conversion rates on your existing traffic.

Promoting thoughtful content on social media can establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Social media marketing helps to identify influencers and brand advocates, take social media monitoring to the next level and combine past and present data for more effective marketing campaigns.

With nearly one third of the world using social networks now is the time to add to your business strategy using social media. Drop us a line if you’re looking to create a social media strategy that’s best fits your business!

Best wishes,

Shea, Alana and the team.