2018 Radio Survey 5

The 5th Radio Survey for 2018 was released last week. Yikes! Where has the year gone? With every radio survey, there are always some excellent little insights to be extracted. We’ve comprised a few simple charts to help navigate the current lay of radio land in Brisbane.   

There isn’t much in it, but Hit105 is currently sitting in the numero uno position for all people 10+ at an 11.8 share.


 Hit105 sitting miles ahead for people 18-54.


However, Nova is sitting in pole position for people aged 25-54, meaning Hit have quite a large skew of people in the 18-24 demo propping them up.


Shown here. 


Nova begins to strengthen from the 25-54 demographic.


#1 shows across the day:

Breakfast = Hit105

Morning = MMM

Afternoon = MMM

Drive = Nova


If you would like some further survey information for your specific target demographic; if you’re interested in seeing these stats for other markets, or specific areas within these markets, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help! Just shoot an email to Alana - alana@collaborativemarketing.com.au