Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mum’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day! 

I’m sure you all know our own co-founder and director, Shea Morrison. Well, she’s the ultimate Mother. Shea manages two businesses (maybe more, we can never keep up), family and a social life. 

Those who don’t know Shea, she enjoyed a fruitful career in media, including working for radio giants like Nova & Southern Cross Austereo. But, eventually, she took that leap of faith and journeyed down the path far less travelled - entrepreneurship. Subsequently, Collaborative Marketing was established! 

We decided to chat with Shea and find out what being a Mother has taught her, and how it has helped her career.

Being a mother has taught me a lot, most of these I won’t bore you with… but the one piece of advice that really stands out for me is to just trust your ‘gut’ and rely on your own intuition. We get so caught up in our days/weeks, we become so BUSY and stressed, and often this clouds our judgement. Like everyone else around me I have to make hundreds of decisions every day, whether I’m at home or in the office, and I find that when I can block out all the mind chatter and focus on my intuition, it’s normally right!

To all the mum’s out there, for all you do and all you are, we thank you. Again, Happy Mother’s Day from the Collaborative Marketing team.