Collaborative Marketing celebrates International Women's Day

This week we're celebrating all things women, and as an agency that is majority female, we know the power, poise, and brilliance that they possess.   

Meet Collaborative Marketing's 3 kick-ass women and what they've learned and love about being female!

The Goodnight Co. & Collaborative Marketing Co-Founder and Director, Shea Morrison:

I've celebrated many International Women's Days throughout my career, but this year is particularly special. I get to celebrate the occasion with my 2-female business partners and celebrate the growth of our businesses. The journey hasn't lacked disappointment, failure or setbacks, but what else can you expect? I've treasured every amazing opportunity for learning, development and celebrating great achievements. Working in a corporate environment for the first chapter of my career cemented the building blocks necessary to build onwards to the path less travelled, entrepreneurship. I've worked with other fabulous and inspiring females, but nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction and gratitude I have for the women who helped shape and grow my businesses. I've found many wonderful women who have influenced my views on work and life. What they've helped me appreciate is happiness. It's a personal choice - only YOU can accept it or not. 

Collaborative Marketing Director, Alana Kelly:

I try and live the most balanced life I can. Women weren't created to churn and burn like men do - to get up every day and do the same thing and work hard till they collapse in a pile, only to then get up the next day and do it all over again. Shea and I started Collaborative Marketing with this in mind, aware that women need balance, creativity, connection and rest (Oh, we even have a bed in our office!) in order to be inspired and grow and be great leaders. The world is really waking up to this movement around the feminine and it's got nothing to do with burning bras and everything to do with harnessing the essence of this energy… it's a very powerful thing. I consider myself a strong woman. I've done the hard yards in the corporate world and starting and running my own business is no walk in the park, but I choose to live a balanced life with friends and family at the core.

Collaborative Marketing Account Executive, Jennifer Trinh:

I'm a firm believer that gender shouldn't be the single determining factor in one's ability to succeed in anything in life - this extends from career to sport, to creativity and all facets of life. I was lucky enough to start my career with a business that has such a female-positive environment and take inspiration from strong, forward-thinking women. While I strive for an equal playing field I do enjoy getting in touch with my feminine side - give me high heels, lipstick, and cocktails any day of the week! Shoes and fruity drinks aren't the only things that make me a woman though - being female gives me the opportunity to challenge gender stereotypes and prove that women can achieve anything men can (and even do it a little better πŸ˜‰). I hope other women share this view and we can all become our own BeyoncΓ©'s (who run the world?!)

Collaborative Marketing is all about empowering women! We love investing in and inspiring women to be the best they can be, and most of all, to be happy. So, on behalf of our 3 compelling women - and our 1 invigorated male - Happy International Women's Day everybody!