Goal Digging in 2018

A brand-new year has arrived, which begs the question, have you established your 2018 business goals? We call it Goal Digging, and it’s the act of digging for goals. Yes, it may sound simple, but where do you start? And, how do you know where to put your dollars?

The team at Collaborative Marketing has been hard at work developing and brainstorming our own business goals for 2018, and after years of experience, we’ve developed a few helpful tricks to make plans easier. So, we thought we’d share a few. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you strike gold.

1. Review 2017

First and foremost, what did 2017 look like for your business? What did you achieve? Was it a successful year, or, was it a learning curve? These are the questions you and your team need to be asking.

For us, 2017 was a HUGE year of growth. Our business diversified and adapted to become the full-service agency that we are today; we experienced 94% growth YOY, and we welcomed some incredible new clients into our passionate little family.

For now, focus on these two questions, what went well? And, what did not go well?

It’s important to really scrutinise events in 2017 that YOU had control over. A review of the past is always the first step to help you create a roadmap for the year ahead and outline what matters to you and your business and what you hope to achieve going forward.

2. What Makes The wheel Turn?

Reverse engineering in elementary terms is simply dissecting something apart and analysing its workings in detail.

Think of your main end goal like a fine-tuned piece of machinery. You need to visualise this piece of machinery in full, dissect it, and analyse all the finer working cogs that need to be in place to make this superb piece of equipment turn.

At Collaborative Marketing our end goal is to continue growing, whilst offering unparalleled service each day. And it’s not just profit growth we’re interested in, we want to continue to invest in our staff and see them grow, so, we’ll be putting our dollars into education this year.

This is our 2018 main end goal, and to achieve this we need to tear it apart and identify all the finer details that will help us achieve this feat. We often write down multiple unfulfilling goals that we want to achieve without really thinking, what is its purpose? So, try it in reverse.  Pick one essential business goal and break it down, really establish the intricate cogs that make the wheel turn.

3. Analyse and Make Goals SMART

Nothing is worse than a frivolous goal. Make more money, be happier, do more… These are useless. It’s important to make your goals SMART. You need to make specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals and put them to fruition. 

For us, measurability is an important one. Try breaking down your year and reviewing your goals progress quarterly. Analyse your monetary progress, KPI’s, business growth and your customer database, this way if need be you can adjust accordingly throughout the year.

The start of the New Year is always exciting, it’s an opportunity to start fresh and kick new goals. But, frivolous and unfulfilling goals can be your business's demise. Perhaps try this free online goal setting template to help you get things started, and if you still feel like you could use some help, shoot us a line, we’re always free for a chat.