What Facebook's new algorithm means for your business

In case you hadn’t heard, Facebook announced some big new changes in the past week. CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the popular platform will reduce publisher content in the Newsfeed, instead, prioritising posts and content that people share personally.

Facebook has seen an explosion of videos and other public content over the past few years, and the latest changes to the platforms algorithm mean you can expect to see LESS from businesses, brands and media, and more from family and friends.

Whilst Facebook claims the move is a result of community feedback, suggesting brands and media were crowding out personal moments on the platform, we suspect an ulterior motive. Facebook has been central to an investigation from the ACCC, under the direction of the Federal Government, inquiring the technology giant’s role in spreading fake news stories and diverting advertising away from traditional media. It seems almost timely that amidst a federal investigation, Facebook rolls out new changes reducing public content.

Nevertheless, Facebook is essentially reverting back to its original function, a peer-to-peer platform where friends and family communicate and share personal moments through photos and videos. Whilst we’re sure users aren’t complaining, the latest changes are a hard pill to swallow for business, brands, and publishers who rely on Facebook for distribution, eyeballs, and engagement. Which is pretty much every single business, everywhere.

These changes aren’t great news, but Facebook has been reducing organic reach on content for a couple of years now. It’s currently sitting at around 2%, meaning, if you put up a post with no money behind it, you will only reach 2% of your fans. With the new changes set to roll in, organic reach will essentially drop to 0%.

Basically, you have to pay to reach your own fans. Yes, that sounds crappy, but unless you have over 200,000 Facebook fans, your organic posts haven’t been doing much anyway. Sorry to break the news to you…

The real underdogs here are new businesses and start-ups who have yet to establish an audience and are now faced with another monetary hurdle just to get heard. Of course, there are always alternatives; Facebook hasn’t been around forever and businesses will long outlast social media. It’s just a matter of discovering the next big thing for marketers to latch their claws onto.

If there’s ever been a time to really hone your businesses marketing and advertising strategy, it’s now. These changes mean there will be more competition and less opportunity for you to appear on consumers Newsfeeds. And, to be heard doesn’t just mean knowing how to spend your money, it means ensuring you post regular quality content that resonates with potential customers, ensuring you are constantly on top of your game, replying to instant messages and engaging with your community on a daily basis.

Facebook will be rolling out these changes in the coming months and it will be interesting to see how brands, businesses, and publishers respond. We’ll be watching closely, that’s for sure.