Our quick Facebook and Instagram advertising tips

We bring you Collaborative Marketing's quick tips to make the most of Facebook and Instagram advertising. Let's go!


1.    Campaign Spending Limit

ALWAYS set a campaign spending limit to ensure you don't go over the total media budget. Ad sets spend budget independently of each other, so if you miscalculate your ad set budgets, you could go over the total budget. And, if you're spending your client's money, this probably won't go down well….

2.    Reduce Workload By 'Duplicating Ad Sets'

Before you add in your additional audiences, set up one ad set with the full set of ads you're wanting to test. Once you're happy with the creative, you can then duplicate at the ad set level and all your hard work on the ads will be copied over to the new ad set. Remember - time is money!

3.    Optimising Ad Sets

The goal - find the audience that is delivering the cheapest cost per action. How? Set up multiple ad sets within one campaign. Keep ALL settings the same (including budget) except for the audience targeting. Make sure all creative within each ad set is the same, that way you're comparing apples to apples. Set the campaign live and wait 24 hours. Check back in and review the cheapest cost per action. Switch off any expensive ad sets and relocate the un-used budget from the disabled ad sets to the better performing ad sets. Keep an eye on your frequency. If it's too high (above 2.5 - 3), you'll start to irritate users.  

4.    Video Is King

A video is given preferential treatment in the news feed. It's also the cheapest way to reach and engage with Facebook users if done well. You also have the ability to retarget people who have watched your videos, with a follow-up message. Videos are an obvious choice, in fact, 75% of all mobile data will be video by 2020. Video is king!

Instagram quicker tips:

What matters:

-    Always add a caption. A strong or weak caption can make or break an image. 
-    Hashtag away, but avoid generic like bait (e.g. #instadaily)
-    Work to a style guide
-    Consistent content
-    Videos

What doesn't matter:

-    Being overly polished on Instagram stories. 
-    Length of the caption - however, sometimes things are better left short and sweet. 

Those are this week's quick Facebook and Instagram advertising tips. Try them out and let us know how you went.