Meet Our Newest Collaborative Marketing Team Member: Lachy

Introducing our newest Collaborative Marketing team member, Lachlan! 


Lachy completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Majoring in Marketing at QUT before joining the Collaborative Marketing team.

We sat down with Lachy to put a personality to the face. We also wanted to know what Lachlan’s industry predictions are for the remainder of 2018.

1. What’s your role at Collaborative Marketing?

I’m the Digital Co-ordinator at Collaborative.

2. What was your first job?

I don’t even know if this counts as a real “job”, but I use to garden for a lady when I was living in Seattle. I got paid $10 an hour, and she would make me lunch. Lunch goes a long way when you’re a student…

3. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m really into boxing. I like anything sporty, golf & soccer. I also like to hang out with friends and eat unhealthy food.

4. Who has the messiest desk at work?

Alana & Finn!

5. Who brings the best lunches to work?

Definitely Shea.

6. Who brings the worst lunches to work?

Haha depends who you ask… but I think everyone else would probably say me.

7. Do you have any bad habits?

I have a fidget spinner at work, I’d say playing with that thing is a bad habit.

8. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?

Hmm… maybe David Attenborough. Or, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr.

9. What’s something we don’t know about you?

I’m really into clothes/fashion. I love Dior and I love Comme Des Garçons. If only I had the money…

10. What do you love about working at Collaborative Marketing?

Our team and the work we do. Even though it sounds very cliché, our team is like a family - and that extends to our clients as well. We love to see our client’s businesses flourish and the hard work we do help them achieve success. Alana, Shea, Jen & myself, we all have the same work ethic, drive, and sense of humour.

11. What are your industry predictions for 2018?

After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the subsequent government intervention, privacy, and data collection have been thrust into mainstream attention. Companies collecting and storing your data has always been a thing, people are only now aware of it, and they don’t like it.
Despite this, companies are only going to continue to collect as much consumer data as possible. In early 2017, the average Australian household contained almost fourteen different internet-connected devices. I think that in 2018 companies will start to incorporate data derived from internet connected devices. The data on offer from these is invaluable, it’s information in real-time, and the technology is there to empower unprecedented customer personalization and engagement. For example, if you wear a Fitbit, you can guarantee that it’s storing data for company use.

If you have any questions for Lachy, feel free to drop him a line.