2018 is around the corner... Are you ready?

We have all been watching avidly as Voice Search, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality develops and grows in popularity. Will these emerging technologies affect you and your business?

Voice Search

The smart home assistant race has been building to a fever pitch over the course of the last couple of years. Nearly every smartphone and computer on the market today has a smart assistant trapped inside. Not only can they read your emails, call people, send messages, schedule meetings, track your location, watch your browsing history, check your contact list, keep an eye on your calendar, and put all this data together to suggest useful info; Siri, Alexa and Cortana are now able to understand conversational search patterns. It’s no longer good enough to optimize SEO for websites and apps alone. In 2016, voice searches made up 20 percent of all online queries, and that number is expected to hit 50 percent by 2020. Almost a quarter of all voice searches are for local information.

Here are 3 SEO Strategies for strong voice oriented SEO:

  1. Complete your Google My Business listing. Voice searches are trending as local searches, therefore what makes your business unique to your local community? Be precise and to the point so that it is easy for the assistants to pick up.
  2. Stay on top of reviews. Higher ranking stores will have a higher chance of appearing in voice searches. Aim for four stars or higher.
  3. Include FAQs on your website. Incorporate conversational style keywords in the form of an FAQ section.

Artificial Intelligence

This is no longer in the movies. Transition from basic marketing to helpful information, anticipating user needs and offering recommendations on their behalf. Artificial intelligence is being used in your website design with sites such as Wix and Squarespace, Albert provides a service for autonomous media buying, Frank uses machine learning to find the best paid channels to deliver ads to your selected target audience, Hunch will analyse your Google Analytics, Rocco can suggest fresh social media content that your brand's followers are likely to engage with, Chatbots are answering your customers' enquiries in real time, Facebook Advertising will carry out split testing on your behalf and their skills continue to grow.  

Use AI in your Marketing:

  1. Social Media Engagement. AI technologies can tell you the most relevant information about your customers so that you can create meaningful engagement.
  2. Marketing Automation. AI can take the guesswork out of how to market to your audience. From personalisation to segmentation can be put on autopilot.
  3. Campaign Management. AI understands the similarities between demographics, campaigns and calls to action. This technology knows what could be successful in another one of your locations and will suggest you use similar, previously successful strategies.

Augmented Reality

We all watched people chasing Pokemon Go but this just showed how popular this medium can be. Augmented Reality invites full brand immersion with interactive imagery and live content. You are no longer limited by the physical world to promote your brand. Seen as a highly innovative way to engage customers, the augmented reality market is expected to transform marketing within three to five years. The magic of AR is that anyone with a smartphone or tablet has access to this integration of the real and digital worlds.

Use Augmented Reality in your Marketing

  1. Tell a Story. An excellent medium to tell stories that bring customers deeper into your content and experiences. Using AR to connect to your brand story can create strong affinity and real engagement.
  2. Take Shopping to a new level. Virtual tours, virtual dressing rooms and proximity-targeted coupons (push notifications when customers pass by a product that could be of interest) make in-store shopping extremely interactive.
  3. Social Media World. The addition of branded filters, animations and interactions with everyday objects can drastically improve brand experiences and loyalty.