Alana Kelly's 3 top tips for implementing radio into your marketing strategy

Last week in a blog we spoke about how recent evidence had suggested advertisers overvalue online marketing and paid social, whilst heavily undervaluing traditional media platforms like radio. 

The results were very interesting, to say the least, however not totally surprising. So, we thought we’d ask someone who's somewhat of an expert in radio, including a repertoire of working for giants such as Nova 106.9, how to make the most of radio. Introducing, Co-founder and Director of Collaborative Marketing, Alana Kelly.  

“Radio has been and will continue to be a significant media channel for businesses to utilise as an advertising platform. Radio offers clients flexibility and adaptability whilst also resulting in excellent connectivity and engagement with listeners. Whether you’re in the brand building stage, or an established business looking to drive sales, these are my 3 top tips for successfully implementing radio into your media strategy”.

1.     Do Your Homework

If you’re planning on buying radio space in a metro region, ensure you use the most recent survey data to determine which station is right for you. Surveys are conducted every 6 weeks, or so, (8 per year) by an independent company who determine the listenership of various demographics across the numerous stations. Commercial Radio Australia houses this information, here Commercial Radio Australia house significant research and insights that can help guide you on your radio marketing voyage. Comparatively, if you’re planning on buying regional radio space, great data isn’t readily available…however, it’s advantage? It is cheap, cheap, cheap.  

2.    Look At All Your Options

One of the best things about radio is that you’re not confined to a 30-second schedule of spots and dots. You can get creative, and each station has its own team dedicated to devising ideas and solutions for promotions, sponsorships, and integration with talent. So, before you launch into a 30-second ad campaign, ask your representative if they have any bright ideas or suggestions around integrated activity… you might be able to ride on their coat tails!

3.    See Beyond The Radio Wave

Radio stations are more than just a frequency bleeding through your stereo. They are multifaceted media powerhouses with exceptional broadcast and digital and social offerings that can be utilised to reach your customers in new and exciting ways. Data is power, and radio stations have HUGE databases available at their disposal. Not to mention social media followers in the hundreds of thousands! Use your resources and ask your rep to think up some cost-effective ways of harnessing these amazing assets. 

Are you thinking about investing in radio? We’re here to help. Drop us a line or send us an email with any questions that you may have.