2018 In Review

2018. What a year! We’re recapping the biggest events of 2018 and looking back at what shaped the world of media, advertising, and pop culture. Before we make our predictions for 2019, let’s take a look at what shaped the year we’re leaving behind.  

March - News of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal Breaks

On the 17th of March, Facebook exposed data on up to 87 million Facebook users to a researcher who worked at Cambridge Analytica, which worked for the Trump campaign - and people were NOT happy. The firm offered tools that could identify the personalities of American voters and influence their behavior. The data released included details on users’ identities, friend networks and “likes.” The idea was to map personality traits based on what people had liked on Facebook, and then use that information to target audiences with digital ads.

May - The Royal Wedding

In May of this year, nearly 5.5 million Australians tuned in to the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, compared to 6 million viewers at Princess Di’s wedding in 1981. Seven, Nine, ABC and SBS all aired the ceremony, while Ten decided against doing so. Seven took out the top honours, reeling in an average audience of just under 2 million viewers for the ceremony across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

July - Fairfax Media and Nine Entertainment Co. Merger

In what has been a year of digital media obsession, Nine and Fairfax Media announced a merger of the two companies with the intention of remaining profitable by pooling assets, reducing costs and streamlining management. In 2017 The Federal Government made some huge changes to Australia's media ownership laws that removed the restrictions that previously prevented companies owning newspapers, television and radio stations in the same city, allowing the mega merger to go ahead.

August – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Declares a Leadership spill In The Liberal Party

The leadership spill means a myriad of things for small businesses. The cold, hard truth of Australia's politics is that the Coalition has had a bias toward policies that assist not only small businesses but also big business, while the Labor Party has a focus on maximising the benefits for union members and trying to introduce socialist-based wealth redistribution policies. There have been a number of examples of the changing nature of small business policies depending on which political party is in power.

August - ACCC Approves Merger of APN Outdoor and Adshel

The ACCC approved an acquisition deal of Both JCDecaux and Ooh!Media, and they were both given the go-ahead to APN Outdoor and Adshel respectively. The ACCC clearance comes more than a year after the failed merger of Ooh Media and APN Outdoor.

Youtube’s Top Videos

The No. 1 top trending video of 2018 was “To Our Daughter” from Kylie Jenner - a member of one of the world’s most famous families, that everyone loves to hate. It was released Feb. 4, and it accumulated over 53 million views in its first seven days. Overall, the top 10 trending videos for 2018 have more than 673 million views  - 40 million more than 2017’s top 10 list.

November - Brisbane Launches Lime Scooters

More than 50,000 trips have been taken on Lime Scooters across Brisbane since the devices were rolled out in late November.  We’re happy to report that Lime Scooters have also been very popular at Collaborative Marketing - look out for us scooting through Fortitude Valley on our way to the office on any given morning!

There you have it - but what’s next? If you or business need help navigating the marketing landscape in 2019, drop us a line at jennifer@collaborativemarketing.com.au and we’ll help you with all your digital and traditional media needs.