New controls for advertisers on Facebook

Since Facebook’s conception in 2004 advertisers have been able to buy advertising space across the social network. From what started as small ‘flyers’ mostly used to promote on-campus parties, the variety of campaign goals and formats has grown exponentially to what advertisers now have access to.

Recently we’ve seen big changes from Facebook with a bigger focus on video, new ‘react’ emotions, new photo album features and more. These changes have affected the way people use Facebook, and in term have provided more opportunities for advertisers to put their brand in front of audiences.

With an increase in opportunity came even more questions from advertisers surrounding brand safety and the placement of their ads. Earlier this year we discussed how many brand reputations were compromised due to a lack of transparency and uncontrolled programmatic placements across the YouTube network. This YouTube Boycott left advertisers really thinking about how safe their brand was across other digital platforms.

Earlier this month Facebook released that it was adding new controls to for advertisers in order to provide secure placements in the advertisers ad network. These include:

  • Pre-Campaign Transparency: For the first time, advertisers will be able to see a list of where their ads could be delivered prior to setting a campaign live.
  • Blocking at the Account Level: Previously block lists could only be adjusted on a campaign basis – businesses will now be able to put a blanket over all their campaigns that follow the same block parameters. This is expected to roll out t to Audience Network and Instant Articles next month. Plans to extend it to in-stream ads on Facebook later this year.
  • Choice Over Video Placements in Audience Network: Advertisers can specify the types of placements, (e.g. in-stream or native and interstitial), they want their video campaigns to run in through a simple opt-out format.
  • While these are a good step in the right direction, these features are still in a very early stage and are not all available for immediate use. While they are still in testing, the affect on CPC / CPI has not yet been realised.

And while advertisers have control over ad placement prior to setting them live they won’t know where ads are run once a campaign is complete. This leads to ambiguity when it comes to ad placement.

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Best wishes,
Shea, Alana and the team